person with short hair and pink shirt standing in lavender field

Hi, I’m Jane. I am an anticapitalist mindset coach. I help people create sustainable and flourishing lives while acknowledging that we live inside oppressive and dehumanising systems that are designed to keep us small. I believe that all humans are worthy and that our past struggles and trauma do not define us. I meet you where you are right now and hold a compassionate and non-judgemental space for you to examine your current thinking and decide how you want to show up in your life.

What is coaching? Is it for me?

Much of the time we don’t stop to examine our thoughts and it seems like our feelings just happen to us, without our control. Our minds are kind of like gardens. We pick up thoughts from all kinds of places –society, our families, the media– and often we go on believing them for years or decades, even if they are painful. Or we may begin to believe that our worth is defined by our past struggles or traumas. Often we don’t even know that our thoughts are thoughts – we believe them so fully that they seem like facts in the world. Coaching gives you the space to start looking at what is going on in your head in a non-judgemental way. From that place of greater awareness, you are empowered to make more intentional choices about your life. I believe that the coaching tools I teach are useful for anyone with a human brain and especially for people working to change the world. You don’t have to be rich or have big goals to deserve the chance to learn how to care for your mind. That’s why this is my work in the world.

What the heck is an anticapitalist mindset coach?!

A lot of the coaching industry is rooted in power, privilege and championing individual success. I want to do things differently. While I want all of us to thrive, I believe that real empowerment is collective. I have combined 25 years of experience as a grass-roots activist with life-coach training and re-written life coaching tools in an anti-oppressive framework. My aim as a coach is to help you define what success looks like for you and to help you unlearn the scripts about worth, productivity and scarcity that society teaches all of us. I work with activists and individuals to build lives, businesses and movements that move beyond replicating capitalist power dynamics and values.

I offer tools and practices to help you…

…find ways to flourish and claim your power in a system that is designed to hold you back. 

…unlearn capitalist values such as putting productivity before your humanity.

…do your work in the world without utilising  and replicating oppressive value systems.

…start taking impactful action instead of burning yourself out arguing online.

 …build relationships that nurture and sustain you and your communities.

…prioritise rest, pleasure and self-care while still centring your big goals and dreams.