How To Believe New Things

Are you trying to do something audacious and finding yourself haunted by the fear that you won’t be able to succeed?

Does your goal feel totally do-able one day and completely impossible the next? 

If the answer is “yes”, then this workshop is for you.

On Saturday July 24, at 5pm BST/9am PST/11am EST we’ll gather in a zoom room to explore how to believe new things.

This 90 minute workshop is in two parts:

-In part one we’ll cover a process for shifting beliefs that doesn’t involve bypassing or overriding your nervous system.

-In part two, I will live coach a few people on believing new things (you’ll get a link to apply for coaching when you sign up).

The workshop costs £30 and a replay will be available to you for 30 days after the live workshop.

Believing new things can feel like a paradox – we need to believe in order to do things, especially new or audacious ones–but how is it possible to believe when we aren’t seeing any tangible results?

In this workshop you will learn:


  • what it really means to believe in something vs what we often think it means
  • the life cycle of shifting new beliefs from impossibility to inevitability and how each stage interacts with our nervous systems
  • why we often think we “should” be believing things harder and faster than we are, why this is always a lie and how to dissipate shame when it shows up
  • why falling in and out of belief is not a sign of personal inadequacy, impending doom or, indeed any kind of problem.

Meet your teacher

Hi, I’m Jane. My prounouns are they/she. I’m an anticapitalist life coach with a background in activism and evolutionary microbiology. I partner with people to build rooted and flourishing lives on their own terms, not the defaults offered by society.

I believe that by examining how our lives, bodies and relationships are shaped by living within capitalist societies, we can collectively move towards ways of being that support and sustain us all.

One of my major goals is to dissolve shame around access to pleasure, joy and rest (especially for folks who hold any kind of marginalised identity or who have immigrant ancestry/experience) and that’s why I teach this workshop.

I'm not going to lie–believing in new and audacious things often isn't easy, but we can make it more easeful. That is my aim in offering this workshop.

If you’d like to learn how to give yourself more spaciousness and grace while you work on your most brilliant and audacious goals, I invite you to register below.